Dogs that need urgent care

As animal lovers, we try to do our best to provide comfort and care to dogs that are injured, in pain, or ill. Many of the dogs that come into the rescue require emergency care in order to save their lives. Sadly, a decision to save a dog's life often comes down to our ability to pay for his or her veterinary care and continued healthcare needs. Sometimes, having a foster home or a hospice home ready and willing to accept a special needs dog can make all the difference in the world. If you believe in our work and want to help us make a difference for dogs with urgent needs, please pledge a gift of support for any of our injured or ailing dogs, or submit an application to become a Foster Family for one of our Urgent Needs dogs. You will feel so gratified knowing that you can personally bring about a miracle.


4 month old Olivia has already seen people at their worst. When she contracted mange, her owners chose to deal with it by dropping her off in the night box at a shelter. Yes, this little girl was abandoned by her family in her time of need. She needs our help ASAP!


5 month old DAX had 2 broken legs and needed our help! He has now had his surgery and both legs have been treated.