Look At Tyson Now!
Wednesday, Nov 14,2012

It’s been almost month and half since we’ve had our new family member TYSON so I want to write a little update on him that adopting Tyson from your organization is BEST decision I have made.

He is the BEST. He is so gentle and loving. It’s SHOCKING and a SHAME that someone didn’t care about him before because he is AMAZING.

He loves to play fetch and loves getting attention and when we go to hiking,long walks or running at the track he stays right by us. He has picked a pillow for himself from our bed and he takes his pillow everywhere he goes!

I am sending you guys a recent photo shot that my handsome boy got. This was the first time I have ADOPTED from organization and want to say Thanks to everyone for all the help. You guys are wonderful and doing an amazing job. The world is beautiful because of wonderful people like you guys. And thanks so very much for considering and giving me an opportunity to adopt Tyson.