Luke Is Doing Well!
Wednesday, Apr 27,2011

We named our new puppy Luke. He’s been a total joy his first day with us. He rides very well in the car, just naps mostly. I showed him around the house and yard. He follows me everywhere. He’s had not a single accident in the house.

He only whines a little at first when put in his crate then he settles down. I took him to a neighbor’s house with 2 puppies and he had a blast. Then I took him to PetCo for some more supplies, where of course everyone loves him. He is already using his doggie door! He’s so smart. He’s resting now in my office with me. He’s had a very big day.

I’m so glad I found GSROC. I can’t imagine finding a better puppy at any cost. I’m sending a great big thank you to you and rest of your volunteers. Please let them know their little Terrel is doing very well in his new home.