Luna Bella And Her Feline Friend!
Friday, Jan 31,2014

We just wanted to thank you again for our wonderful dog Luna (Bella). Here is an update and a story that we hope will make families with “dual” pets think twice about German Shepherds. Bella (her name is Luna Bella now) came to us when she was about 2 years old. She was a birthday present for our daughter, Kate, who had lost her best friend “Bella” (another GSROC adoptee) to a spinal embolism. We waited a while before we broached the subject but Kate met her new “Bella” at one of your pet adoption events and that was it. We worried because our previous German Shepherd had a cat as her best friend and well we thought it was just a fluke. However, as you can see below, Luna and Jezebel are BFF’s and spend all the sunny days we have in California sleeping in the sun together! We are so lucky to have adopted two dogs, from GSROC, who get along with a cat! They even share their toys!