McDuff, Now Chris Has A Ball Of A Life
Wednesday, Jan 02,2008

McDuff’s new name is Chris, after Christopher Robin, in whose life I think his brain somehow lives. By the way, as soon as I started this note, he came strolling in for some TLC and a lay down near me [his usual].

He is lovable and I term him my Special Ed, Loppy Dog. He and the old guy keep their distance sometimes, but he and the young Shepherd mix I have play incessantly. They will wrestle, chase, and just run around until they are both either exhausted or the policeman [the old retriever mix] steps in. Perhaps if I led a rather Japanese lifestyle, he would not chew anything [all wood and such, ha]. He does have some emotional troubles from somewhere in his past. In the middle of the night, out of his dreams sometimes, he will come and wake me up to check and see if I am here and he is here as well. He nudges, throws his paws up, and wants affirmation, which he gets. I hug him and let him know I am here and he is OK. He then flops back down, and goes back to sleep as if nothing ever happened, ha, and then I will do my snooze time [hopefully, ha].

I have enclosed some shots of him. He has a favorite toy – an old basketball. He will play with that for hours, all on his own actually, because he will take it away from you and not come back, but he only plays with it if someone is out there watching – needs the audience – attention hound, ha. Some friends of mine who’ve seen him work the ball, say I should put him on something like America’s Funniest Videos or some such because he gets all frothy doing this, and gets all intense. He will do it until he’s dizzy, ha. Sometimes he will bring it for a kick, other times, no way he wants you near it. He plays ball, tears up toys, and generally has a pretty fun life. Ha, I want his life. Yikes!