Mercy Loves Playing With Her New Buddy!
Sunday, Aug 03,2014

WE LOVE HER SO MUCH!! …. and her new name is “Mercy” (Formerly Bliss). We have done a lot in week one… Got the walk, park, potty/poop routine down, had two play dates with different dogs (she loves that) gone bye bye in both vehicles, chased every bug, lizard and cricket in the pool area, learned its ok to get on the chairs and couch, has slept in bed with us every night and plays fetch/ tag with us any chance she gets… She also surprised us on Sat when I came in from the garage with 2 friends on my heals … Didn’t know them and or she wasn’t expecting them and started barking with authority. Cool – then we introduced them and she gave them the sweet kisses on the hand. She sits, stays, goes in a down, chooses with the appropriate paw which hand we are hidden the treat in, catches, fetches and comes when I whistle… She knows it’s me. Did I mention WE LOVE HER!!!? On behalf of all those who have connected with their forever friends and all those who will…. Thank you for all you and your professional team do!