Napoleon Happy Ending Update
Friday, Mar 30,2007

Here is a photo of Scooter (AKA Napoleon) with my husband and our other dogs. He is still doing great, such a sweet boy. He has been very well behaved so far, obeying the “rules”, keeping peace with Jake and Cali, no accidents in the house, etc. I know he loves being in our pack by his continually wagging tail. He is learning his new name – every time we say “Scooter” his tail wags, even if he is laying on his side, it thumps on the floor. Thanks for taking him into your rescue network even though he is not a “typical” shepherd because he is short. Everything is relative – compared to Cali he is tall! Mentally he is very much a shepherd, staying right with me all the time, smart and easy to train. And despite the rocky beginning with Jake, they are getting along great and usually together in the house.