One Year Anniversary For Scooter!
Friday, Mar 21,2008

This Monday, March 17, 2008 is Scooter’s one year anniversary with our family. To refresh your memory, Scooter was named Napoleon and he was that “short” GSD. We had another male GSD who was just awful at the adoption event, being very aggressive toward Scooter, and a female red colored Welsh Corgi, who was our alpha dog. I just wanted to give you an update on Scooter.

He is doing just great! He is very energetic, a good eater, and a happy, tail wagging boy. He is very bonded to us and our other GSD, Jake. He sleeps on a dog bed on the floor next to my husband, and our other GSD, my “protector” dog, sleeps next to my side. My husband works at home 3 weeks a month and travels the other week, so Scooter has someone home with him all day and hangs out with my husband (usually under his big desk).

Thanks again for trusting us to take Scooter home that day, even though Jake was being totally awful that day. We managed the introduction home OK and nobody got hurt, within a couple hours they were ignoring each other, now they are pack mates.