Our Super Star Agility Dog – Sunny
Monday, Jan 08,2007

This story has a very happy ending. Sunny (formerly Sabrina) is one of those GSDs who really needs an active job. She is “Sunny the energizer Bunny”…just keeps going & going & going. She was made to do agility, and often beats the border collies in both speed and perfect courses. Even with her boundless energy, she fit so well into our family—showing great deference to our ancient Shepherd (a GSD rescue), who passed away last Feb. at age 16, and is doing a great job at keeping our 9 year old big guy (a GSD rescue) young and fit so that he can keep on doing agility also. She was in rescue for four months—we are SO lucky that no other adopters saw her potential!!!!!!

The photo is of Sunny and I qualifying and competing in the USDAA Cynosport World Championships in Scottsdale–1000 dogs from many countries, and the REALLY big names in dog agility. We put in a respectable performance considering it was our very first time in a championship. Sunny was one of the VERY few GSDs there.