Pepper and Shadow Are Adjusting Well!
Thursday, Mar 27,2008

Things are settling down–today Gary and I took both dogs for a hike in Runyan Canyon. They loved it!! Initially they were happy to see each other even though Pepper just had his surgery Friday afternoon. Shadow has been doing his alpha dog thing while Pepper just ignores him and keeps on smiling. Both are very sweet. They seem very happy to be let indoors and so I agree they were probably outside dogs.

It’s so nice to have canine companionship again!! Thanks to you for all of your help making this possible. Will keep you up to date as things progress. They both seem very happy and are adjusting well!! Hope you are able to adopt out many more dogs–I can see that this is an ongoing thing. Bless you all!!! Jenny is off to school again but now looks forward to coming home to Shadow and Pepper!!!