Princess Jewelzy
Monday, Jun 08,2009

We hope you all are doing well and wanted to give you an update in Princess Jewelzy… She is such a wonderfully sweet, lovable and intelligent girl!! We are so lucky that she is part of our family. She continues to amaze and surprise us with how she is blossoming. While we are not currently enrolled in any “formal” training, we do work on her obedience at least twice a day on her walks and think she would excel at recreational tracking- she loves to sniff everything and she is a regular pro at heeling. We have recently started letting her ride in the car (around town) without her crate. To see the smile on her face just makes your heart swell with pride that you could take a dog that looked so broken and sad and turn her into a girly-girl that loves to run and scoot around the backyard. She has even started to play with a few plush toys. Ha! We never thought we’d see the day… I guess that just goes to show you that Jewelzy had other plans. We can’t wait to get a happy ending posted on the website, but we have yet to get a great picture of the three of us together- hopefully soon!