Ralston, Watching American Idol!
Wednesday, Mar 09,2011

Just wanted to give you an update after the first night…

All the dogs are getting along fine, in fact the transition couldn’t have been much easier. Tails wag when they approach each other and big Ralston follows little Oliver around the yard.

I gave him a bath and a good brushing when we got home, and he was very good about it. (Better than the other two have ever been)
He thought the llama was kind of weird and sat and barked at it from a distance, but doesn’t bother the horses at all. Ralston is great inside, he is content to just lay around and keep an eye on things. He wanted me to get up and play a couple of times last night, but settled back down quickly. He has a pretty cold nose when you’re not expecting it 😉
Today is rainy, so I am letting him stay inside with me. Thanks again for all of your help, we’ll probably be in the market for the female sooner than later since this is going so smoothly…