Rusty Is A Prince In His New Home!
Saturday, Feb 02,2013

Rusty goes out to feed the horses with Jim every morning and night and has a big playtime just running and playing ball otherwise during the day. Today he went with Jim to the dump, to get hay and to meet with a contractor who happens to raise German Shepherds. Rusty was perfect everywhere. And his name will always be Rusty!

He is doing fine with the cats. The male has settled and they sniff each other. The female is still nervous and stays up high or runs away but we’re sure they’ll be fine. She is coming around more each day. He has met a big dog, small obnoxious dogs and many people and is taking it all in stride.

We are so happy to have him and hope he’s happy to be here. He is the best dog either of us has ever met.

Thank you so much.