Sarge Is On Duty
Tuesday, Nov 20,2007

Our family wanted to thank all of the wonderful folks at GSROC for their assistance during our search for a new dog. Sarge is so wonderful, he is friendly, lovable and in the words of my husband, “just a big cream puff”. All he really asks for is love and attention, he is just great. He walks well on a leash and understands basic commands. The first few days he was somewhat unsure and followed us around all the time. Now, he is making himself quite at home and seems comfortable and happy. He is eating well and loves to be brushed and exercised. He is busy telling any and all birds that fly over our yard that they are entering restricted air space and not to return. Sarge has taken it upon himself to try and “guard” the refrigerator. He is always there to assist in checking out the contents of the refrigerator whenever anyone tries to open the door. ha. ha. Thank you again for all of the hard work that you all do.