Silver Is Now LeeLoo
Saturday, Apr 19,2014

Silver’s new name is Leeloo (from the movie “The 5th Element”-because she is the fifth member of our family). She is responding well to the name change. She is so smart!!

Her first night home was a bit eventful. She was so afraid of the cat I wasn’t sure how they would make it! If Ezekiel looked at Leeloo too long she would cry like she was being struck! In the middle of the night we woke up to it twice! Talk about a shock! I can’t believe how fast they have worked it out. They can lay on the sofa together now. It’s amazing! Marlowe, our daughter, and Leeloo and doing wonderful together. There hasn’t been any issues at all. And she has formed a really tight pack with the Yorkies. They play in the backyard and look for each other in the morning.

We are very happy with her. It’s been a great experience. We all love her so much already.