Skipper And Star Are Perfectly Matched!
Sunday, May 16,2010

Hello Friends at German Shepherd Rescue Group,

I have been wanting to email you about our precious Skipper(who was Jack) and Star( who was Jazzy). This is an update….

Skipper on the left and Star on the right are both about 2 1/2 years old. We got them from the German Shepherd Rescue Group, Skipper in January 2008 and Star in April 2008. As you can see they are good mixtures of breeds. Skipper is the watch dog and will let us know when someone is at our door. Star will just look at them with the hair raised up on her back. They are perfectly matched to each other, playing well, never fighting; they will even share food without argument. The have two entirely different “personalities” but they are both lap dogs and love to be cuddled. They love to play tug of war with each other and us and they love to chase and be chased by each other. They both love going on walks with us in our neighborhood and going to the Dog Beach and the Dog Park. Whenever we go on trips or just on errands and the weather is cool enough we take them in our vehicles as they both are happiest with they are with us, They are a joy in our home.