Skye And Fred Hangin’ Out
Saturday, Oct 24,2009

Well, I think Skye is finally settling into our family!! She is still a nightmare with the kitty, but Caroline at Sirius is convinced she can solve that. As far as Fred, Skye seems to understand that they BOTH can live here and be fine and loved, and she is giving him some room. She still ‘watches’ him sometimes, but we are on her quickly and she does seem to be understanding the rules of the house!! haha. She is just really a sweetie, and both Jeff and I are feeling like she has adjusted (finally) to us. You can see she and Fred trade off on that one bed. Skye used to push him off, but now you can see she waits until he leaves and then grabs it. But that is ok, and we figure that is ‘fair game’ so they work it out! But know that she is well, and loved, and seems to be happy with her new little world!!