Stitch Is A Wonderful Addition!
Monday, Jun 07,2010

Thanks to everyone at GSROC, especially the volunteers who helped us find just the right pup to join our family. Gibbs became Stitch and now knows his name.
Although we were told that he hadn’t had any real training, he was pretty much housebroken by the end of Memorial Day weekend. He has came into a home with a canine sister (Storm the lab) and brother (Scooby the Beagle), and they are trying to figure out the pecking order of who is really the alpha.

Stitch loves to take all the toys in the house, along with any shoes or socks he can find, and hoard them in a pile which he’ll sleep on. Like any puppy, he plays hard, eats a lot, and sleeps like a rock.

Best news; Stitch’s ears look like they are going to stand up! In short, we are really grateful to GSROC for the work that they do and wonderful addition that they have provided to our family.