Tallie Is Doing Well!
Monday, May 24,2010

Tallie (Formerly Tilly) and the cat are doing well. I finally realized she was treating the cat like it is another dog. She is learning to back off when the cat smacks her–cat may get irritated with her but still does not use claws on her. Although the cat did just grab Tallie’s front and then back leg and lightly bit her when Tallie was persisting in putting her mouth on it! Tallie just removed her leg from the cats paws and walked away. I have been able to leave them alone with no negative consequences.

She plays with Bella most of the day. She still gets in the pool 3 or 4 times a day. She still does not swim just plays on the stairs. However, she can swim as when she and Bella were playing one day she fell in the pool. She just swam over to the stairs and got out. She really loves playing in water.

She is much fun but needs a lot of work to develop her confidence and reduce her anxiety in social and public situations. She is a loving creature and worth the work.