Tango’s Gotcha Day
Thursday, Aug 23,2007

We celebrated Tango’s “Gotcha Day” on Sunday. It was three years ago that day that we brought our beautiful girl home. Definitely a good reason to celebrate! We had the neighbor kids, & their Mom, over for a little party with ice cream cake. The pups and the kids (and the adults, of course) all enjoyed. Tango and Lani (our newest addition from last year) even got leftovers from the kids. You didn’t hear them complaining. LOL! Wish I could e-mail you the video of everyone singing “Happy Gotcha Day to You” to Tango. She even started singing along. It was hilarious!

Thank you GSROC for giving us this wonderful gift. We are truly the luckiest people in the world to be the ones to have her in our lives.