The Chase Is On
Monday, Apr 30,2007

It has been four months and actually feels like forever. He is so ingrained in our home that you would have thought that he had always been here. He and Libbey literally play by the hour. Both of them kept getting into too much mischief to keep them in the house when I was at school so they are now outdoor dogs during the day. They have a 12’x12’ gazebo plus a drive-thru sized breezeway for shelter. They also have new outdoor doggie beds so they are quite comfy out there. The funny thing is that now when I am at home, they would rather be outside running and playing. I have quite a large backyard so he and Libbey have a grand time playing chase and tag. He will chase Libbey, bite her on the butt, and then turn and run away and she will switch to chaser until she catches him, bites him on the butt and they reverse again. Gus, now 10, chases them both and gives directions.

Their latest activity is catching possums. I live close to a large wilderness type park in West Covina and it has a number of various animals. The squirrels run fast on the blockwall at the back so elude the Libbey-Spenser tag team but the possums evidently are much slower and an easy catch.

So, we have a happy home filled with lots of craziness and love.